Human Resources Department deals with the most important and sensitive resources of any organization- People. No matter what an organization deals in, be it manufacturing, trading, etc., it requires human resources at all levels, for basic functioning. They play an integral role in completing all the projects within the stipulated time. Because of this importance, it becomes even more essential for a company to have professionals who can easily manage the people. These professionals are what we call the HR professionals. HR professionals not only hire right people for the organization but also ensure their presence at the right time at the right place with right skills.

The role of an HR professional is not limited to only taking interviews and hiring people; they are engaged in several tasks that revolve around the employees of the organization. They work towards reducing the employee turnover, providing training, motivating the employees and so on. They form the backbone of an organization and contribute towards meeting the company goals.
Today, we are going to give you a glimpse of 200 top HR in India who are known for bringing in the excellence in their work and growing the organization.

Abhishek Pandey

Company: Josh Technology Group
Designation: HR Admin
Linkedin Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/abhishek-pandey-6012616b

Abhishek Verma

Company: BigFoot Retail Solutions
Designation: HR & Admin Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/abhishek-verma-35585546

Aditi Sharma

Company: VALFORMA Technology Services
Designation: Senior HR Executive
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/aditi-sharma-3a319517/

Ajit Singh

Company: Encore Capital Group
Designation: Country HR Leader and VP
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/ajitsingh/

Akanksha Tripathi

Company: Xapads Media Pvt Ltd
Designation: Senior HR
Linkedin Link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/akanksha-tripathi-87989115/

Alisha D

Company: Facilius Inc.
Designation: HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/alisha-d-a50683137/


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Alishia Jasmine

Company: Seyyone Software Solutions
Designation: HR and Training Co-ordinator
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/alishia-jasmine-b6ab9a98/

Ananya Kaushik

Company: AntiAlias Ventures
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/ananya-kaushik-b4521644/

Angel Nigam

Company: Darashaw & Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/angel-nigam-209817106/

Anjali Bhojwani

Company: Absolute Reports
Designation: Sr. HR Executive
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/anjalibhojwani/

Ankita Sethi

Company: Channel play limited
Designation: Manager HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/ankita-sethi-b565a379/

Anoop Kushwaha

Designation: HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/anoop-kushwaha-6b557a126


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Anshu Mittal

Company: AppSierra
Designation: HR Executive
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/anshu-mittal-586494137/

Arati Nair

Company: Asian Business Exhibitions & Conferences Ltd
Designation: Senior HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/arati-nair-2816691b

Archana Jha

Company: FreeKaaMaal
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/archana-jha-81434a59

Archana Pradhan

Company: Xebec Communications Pvt.Ltd.
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/archana-pradhan-b8679418/


Archana Vinod Kumar

Company: SureWaves MediaTech Pvt Ltd
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/archana-vinodkumar-196924146/

Arpita Sharma

Company: LogiNext
Designation: Sr. Manager HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/arpita-sharma-197b47b/

Arti Verma

Company: Trident Information Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: HR Executive
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/artiv/

Ashwini Shivram

Company: Electronica Finance Ltd.
Designation: DVP – HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/ashwini-shivram-09aab613/

Avik Haldar

Company: Adwalnut
Designation: HR Executive
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/avik-haldar-1a1033130/

Balaji V

Company: vSplash
Designation: Vice President – Human Resources
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/mrbalajiv/

Balasubramaniyan Velmurugan

Company: Kobster
Designation: Senior Manager – Human Resources
Linkedin Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/balasubramaniyan-velmurugan-25223033

Bharathi Maru

Company: Skylark Information Technologies Private Limited
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/bharathimaru/

Chanpreet Kaur

Company: Affordplan
Designation: Assistant Manager HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/chanpreet-kaur-8a721161

Charity Majaw

Company: Chillibreeze
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/charity-majaw-5610a724/

Debica Sigamani

Company: Kaodim
Designation: Regional Talent (Acquisition & Development) Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://my.linkedin.com/in/debica

Deeksha Karkera

Company: Birds Eye Systems Private Limited (Ridlr)
Designation: HR
Linkedin Link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/deeksha-karkera-45316855/


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Deepak Shanmugam

Company: Webenza India Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: Asst Manager HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/deepak-shanmugam/

Deepali Batra

Company: AdLift India
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linklinkedin.com/in/deepali-batra-32b97237

Deepthi Prabhu

Company: KVP Business Solutions Pvt Ltd
Designation: Head HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/deepthiprabhu/

Dipti Lalwani

Company: ftcash
Designation: Head Of Human Resources
Linkedin Link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dipti-lalwani-88a2b24a/

Faisal Shaikh

Company: Sava Healthcare Limited
Designation: Asst. Manager – HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/faisal-shaikh-57049915

Gajalakshmi R

Company: Quest Informatics
Designation: Assistant Manager HR
Linkedin Link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gajalakshmi-r-4187b9119/?lipi

Garima Dewan

Company: Digital Vidya
Designation: HR Executive
Linkedin Link: https: //www.linkedin.com/in/garima-dewan-289314104/

Garima Lal

Company: Crofarm
Designation: HR and Admin Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/lalgarima

Garima Singhal

Company: Paxcel Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: Sr. Executive HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/garimasinghal/

Gaurav Arora

Company: Sampark Logistics Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: Manager HR & ADMIN
Linkedin Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/gaurav-arora-90722119

Gayatri Shetty

Company: Seagull Advertising
Designation: HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/gayatri-shetty-0150212b/

Geetanjali Kumar

Company: Renoir Consulting
Designation: Recruitment and HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/geetanjali-kumar-b9b02a11/

Githa Nagaraj

Company: Solutions Infini Technologies India Pvt Ltd
Designation: Assistant Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/githa-nagaraj/

Gunjan Bhansali

Company: I Knowledge Factory (IKF)
Designation: Sr. Strategic HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/gunjan-bhansali-b58940b2/

Gunjan Mashkaria

Company: Digicorp Information Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: Sr. HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/gunjan-mashkaria-48578280


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Harshada Rana

Company: Atom Technologies Ltd
Designation: Assistant Manager HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/harshada-rana-91b760a/

Havishya Godara

Company: THB
Designation: HR Director
Linkedin Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/havishya-godara-56085a103


Infenciya Stanly

Company: Stan Ventures
Designation: HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/infenciyastanly/

Jasintha Mary

Company: GyanMatrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linklinkedin.com/in/jasintha-mary-77a625100


Jaya Priya

Company: Acme D’​ Ace Marketing Solutions
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jaya-priya-21166945/

Jayashri Yadav

Company: Shro Systems Pvt. Ltd
Designation: Sr. HR Executive
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jayashri-yadav-57944868/

Jennifer Kochhar

Company: Communication Crafts
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifer-kochhar-a5504725/


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Jhuma Bhattacharyya

Company: Acesoft Labs India Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jhuma-bhattacharyya-619a1146/

Joy Shanker Bhattacharjee

Company: NeoGrowth Credit Pvt. Ltd. – SME business loans
Designation: HR & Admin
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/joy-shanker-bhattacharjee-809b5160/


Jyoti Kshirsagar

Company: Bizporto Information Services Pvt. Ltd
Designation: HR Specialist
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jyotikshirsagar/

Jyoti Nishant

Company: 10wickets
Designation: HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jyoti-nishant-b834922a/

Jyoti Srivastava

Company: Qualtech Consultants
Designation: Human Resources Professional
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jyoti-srivastava-2049773a/

Jyoti Yadav

Company: Insense Pvt Ltd
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jyotiyadav01/

Kajal Valecha

Company: InheritX Solutions PVT. LTD
Designation: Human Resource Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/kajal-valecha-725b65b9/

Kalpana Shukla

Company: IdeateLabs
Designation: Sr HR Executive
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/kalpana-shukla-11671435/

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Kaluram kawade

Company: Runtime Solutions
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/kaluram-kawade-7939874b/

Kalyani Mahajan

Company: Paramatrix Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Designation: Manager-HR
Linkedin Linklinkedin.com/in/kalyani-mahajan-30287633

Kanchan Mohol

Company: Stark Digital Media Services Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/kanchan-mohol-a5a72693/

Kanimozhi M

Company: ValuePro International Private Limited
Designation: HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/kanimozhi-m-b811b3b4

Kannan R

Company: Adrenalin eSystems Ltd
Designation: Manager – HR & Admin
Linkedin Linklinkedin.com/in/kannan-r-7463071a

Kavita Baghel

Company: ProtoTechSolutions
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/kavitabaghel/

Kavita Sardana

Company: Webisdom Management Services Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/kavita-sardana-9000-connections-17778155/

Kavita Sonavane

Company: sunSTRATEGIC
Designation: Manager – HR & Administration
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/kavita-sonavane-51b78823/

Ketki Naidu

Company: SnappyData
Designation: HR Business Partner
Linkedin Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/ketkinaidu

Kirti Shukla

Company: News Corp VCCircle
Designation: Assistant Manager HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/kirti-shukla-30669813/

Kriti Shukla

Company: GenY Medium
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/kritishukla/

Kriti Uppal

Company: Bruce Clay India Pvt.Ltd.
Designation: Manager-Admin & HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/kriti-uppal-4a324a36/

Liji Chandran

Company: ADG ONLINE Solutions Private Ltd
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linklinkedin.com/in/liji-chandran-46b93973

Madhura Harshe

Company: iStepup Services
Designation: HR – Executive
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/madhura-harshe-3377a221/

Madhvi Sharma

Company: NODWIN Gaming
Designation: HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/madhvi-sharma-b13b802b/


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Manisha Tripathy

Company: WOWSOME
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/manishatripathy29/

Manmeet Kohli

Company: Redefine Marcom
Designation: HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/manmeet-kohli-3888b260/

Mansi Kathpalia

Company: Cians Analytics
Designation: Senior Manager – HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/mansi-kathpalia-3b645244/

Megha Krishnamurthy

Company: Tinystep
Designation: Director HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/megha-krishnamurthy-a2a65a112/

Meghna S

Company: Hungama Digital Services
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/meghna-s-4996829/

Menaka N

Company: Nanobi analytics
Designation: Senior Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/menaka-n-503997b1/

Minakshi Buragohain

Company: TIM Delhi Airport Advertising
Designation: Group Head- HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/minakshi-buragohain-27453b24/


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Misha Malhotra

Company: Creative Marketing Fix
Designation: HR manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/misha-malhotra-10ba6074/

Mishty Sharma

Company: TeraReach
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/mishty-sharma-a52b1974/

Mona G

Company: Bright Brain Marketing Technologies
Designation: HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/mona-g-8a789b99/

Nandini Borkar

Company: Experience Commerce
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/nandini-borkar-9228951a/

Nandita Soni

Company: Medzin
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/nandita-soni-a36934101

Nandita Thomas

Company: IndiBlogger
Designation: Senior Manager HR & Operations
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/nandita-thomas-13284759/

Neelam Singh

Company: Bhavmark Systems Pvt Ltd
Designation: HR – MANAGER
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/neelamsingh1/

Neha Arora

Company: Ecozen Solutions
Designation: Sr. Manager HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/neha-arora-57b60818

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Neha Goyal

Company: AVIZVA
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/neha-goyal-a49b532

Neha Singh

Company: Sage Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/neha-singh-205ba18/

Nidhi Joshi

Company: MyDermacy
Designation: HR Business Partner
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/nidhi-joshi-09/

Nikhil Barboz

Company: Spatial Access Pvt Ltd
Designation: Sr. HR Executive
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/nikhil-barboz-803b4653/

Nikita Solunke

Company: SocialChamps Media Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: Sr. HR Executive
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/nikita-solunke-a960a2151/

Nikitasha PS

Company: Litmus7 Systems Consulting
Designation: HR Director
Linkedin Linklinkedin.com/in/nikitasha

Nimisha Parekh

Company: Matrix Direct Communications Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: Sr. Executive HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/nimisha-parekh-238b88a4/

Nimmi Doshi

Company: SocioSquares
Designation: Senior Manager HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/nimmi-doshi-5100b68b/

Nirmala Gangili

Company: coMakeIT
Designation: Manager-HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/nirmala-gangili-28835523

Nishita Mishra

Company: Pulp Strategy
Designation: Asst. Manager HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/nishitamishra/

Nishkala Acharya

Company: EForce Infosystems PVT Ltd
Designation: HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/nishkala-acharya-417a6b124/

Nitin Singh

Company: TechTree IT Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: Sr. Manager – HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/nitin-singh-06949850/

Nupur Tyagi

Company: Goldrush Capital Services Pvt. Ltd
Designation: Senior Manager HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/nupur-tyagi-00171795/

Pallavi Dhingra

Company: BBDO India
Designation: HR Executive
Linkedin Linklinkedin.com/in/pallavi-dhingra-5802511a

Parinitha Ramprasad

Company: GreedyGame
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/parinitharamprasad88/

Pauline Crasto

Company: GingerSoft Media Pvt Ltd
Designation: Asst. Manager HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/pauline-crasto-9074a64/

Pinky Boruah

Company: Pyrite Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: HR Operations Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/pinki-boruah-19907581/

Pinky Thapa

Company: Unipro Education Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: HR Executive
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/pinky-thapa-95a882b7/

Piyush Vyas

Company: Serosoft Solutions
Designation: Assistant Manager HR
Linkedin Linklinkedin.com/in/piyush-vyas-a68212138

Pooja Patel Khani

Company: Nestopia
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/poojapatelkhani

Poorna Prasad Dayala

Company: NextSphere Technologies
Designation: Human Resources Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/poorna-prasad-dayala-01232624

Poornima Sai

Company: The Chitrakars
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/poornima-sai-947394a3/

Prachi Khot

Company: a’XYKno Capital Services Ltd.
Designation: Sr. Manager HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/prachi-khot-840b1861/

Prarthana Sarkar

Company: Shopia
Designation: Human Resources Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/prarthana-sarkar-b7175a58


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Preethi Jayaprakash

Company: GrayMatter Software Services Pvt Ltd
Designation: Vice President – HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/preethi-jayaprakash-76437052/

Preety Arora

Company: GREY RC&M
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/preety-arora-3b442915/

Prerna Rawat

Company: WyattPrism Communications Pvt Ltd
Designation: HR Executive
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/prerna-rawat-097341140/

Pretesh Deorukhkar

Company: Skarma
Designation: Assistant Manager HR & Admin
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/pretesh-deorukhkar-02b3a068/

Priya Bagla

Company: Fullestop
Designation: Manager – HR
Linkedin Linklinkedin.com/in/priya-bagla-3487323a

Priya N

Company: Xencia Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd
Designation: Head HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/nrajalaxmi/

Priyanka Colaco

Company: webmaffia
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/priyanka-colaco-52401024/

Priyanka Dhorajia

Company: Musikaar
Designation: HR senior executive
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/priyanka-dhorajia-b806874a/

Priyanka Landge

Company: PaGaLGuY
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/priyanka-landge/

Puja Ganguly

Company: Quant One Technologies Pvt Ltd
Designation: HR & Admin Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/puja-ganguly-1233a2b/

Raina Nakra

Company: Impressico Business Solutions
Designation: Deputy Manager – HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/raina-nakra-42884221/


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Rajesh Kataria

Company: Channelplay Limited
Designation: Head HR & Administration
Linkedin Link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rajesh-kataria-a2466433/detail/photo/

Rama Mahawar

Company: Ginni Systems Ltd
Designation: Assistant Manager HR
Linkedin Linklinkedin.com/in/rama-mahawar-91292523

Ranjana Sinha

Company: Codeclouds IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: HR senior executive
Linkedin Linklinkedin.com/in/ranjana-sinha-48b3288a

Ranjitha Dev

Company: Geek Online Ventures Pvt Ltd
Designation: Head HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/ranjitha-dev-7286b79b/

Rashmi Seetharam

Company: DataWeave Software Pvt. Ltd
Designation: Senior Manager HR
Linkedin Linklinkedin.com/in/rashmi-seetharam-74a728a

Rebeccah Anne

Company: whiteDigital.in
Designation: HR Recruiter
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/rebeccah-anne-196233a6/

Reena George

Company: Loylty Rewardz Mngt Pvt Ltd
Designation: HR Business Partner & Consultant
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/reena-george-0785488/

Rex Mohan Kumar Arokiasamy

Company: Sword Global India Pvt Ltd
Designation: Director Sales & HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/rex-mohan-kumar-arokiasamy-7a6b458/

Rimakshi Chakraborty

Company: SilverPush
Designation: Sr. HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/rimakshi/

Rishav Mahour

Company: Liqvid eLearning Services Pvt Ltd
Designation: Senior Executive HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/rishav-mahour-8800995a

Ritika Kansal

Company: ScoopWhoop Media Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: HR Evangelist
Linkedin Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/ritika-kansal-53b86995

Ritika Sharma

Company: Digital India Programme
Designation: Assistant Manager HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/ritika-sharma-31052676/

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Ritika Sodhi

Company: Brands of Desire
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/ritika-sodhi-7954b012a/

Ritu Khetawat

Company: Keyideas Infotech Private Limited
Designation: Associate HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/ritu-khetawat-7b150515/

Rohan Mantri

Company: 10i Commerce Pvt Ltd
Designation: Deputy Manager – Human Resource
Linkedin Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/rohan-mantri-0876b07

Rohit Mohan

Company: We MediaWorks
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/rohit-mohan-0b1305108/

Roma Laiwal

Company: Narola Infotech
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Link: linkedin.com/in/roma-laiwala-9a51916a

Rose Malini

Company: iLabs Enterprise Services Pvt. Ltd.,
Designation: Senior HR
Linkedin Linklinkedin.com/in/rose-malini-6bb14a39

Rupali Mahadik

Company: Highbar Technologies Ltd.
Designation: Senior Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/rupali-mahadik-6a04b613/

Samantha Fotedar

Company: Visesh Infotecnics Ltd
Designation: Assistant Manager HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/samantha-fotedar-583b3915/

Sanjay Sabherwal

Company: Rieke
Designation: Head HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/sanjay-sabherwal-2b71481a

Sapna Mehta

Designation: Head Human Resources
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/sapna-mehta-b68693127/

Seema K

Company: annectoś Loyalty Solutions
Designation: Assistant Manager HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/seema-k-a4b56b68/

Shalaka Kothawle

Company: Mobisy Technologies
Designation: Manager – HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/shalaka-kothawle-163565a4


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Sharath Avathade

Company: Bidsopt
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linklinkedin.com/in/sharath-avathade-a5104253

Shashidhar Bhounsle

Company: CTE
Designation: Assistant Manager HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/shashidhar-bhounsle-3209b128/

Shikha Raghav

Company: Intec Infra-Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: Executive- HR & Admin.
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/shikha-raghav-0b2684103/

Shiladitya Dasgupta

Company: SMEcorner
Designation: Head HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/shiladitya-dasgupta-84120914/

Shilpa Deshpande

Company: Setu Advertising
Designation: HR & Admin Executive
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/shilpa-deshpande-80593937/

Shridhar Gaikwad

Company: BioEnable Technologies Pvt Ltd
Designation: SR HR
Linked Linklinkedin.com/in/shridhar-gaikwad-90186337

Shruthi Menon

Company: Minjar Cloud Solutions Pvt Ltd
Designation: HR Manager
Linked Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/shruthi-menon-07a6a257/

Shruti Gupta

Company: Srijan Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: Lead HR
Linked Linklinkedin.com/in/shruti-gupta-a484a850

Shruti Sood

Company: Digital Vision Technology Pvt. Ltd
Designation: Sr. HR Executive
Linked Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/shruti-sood-1a5359102/

Shubha Shree

Company: Sybrant technologies
Designation: Assistant Manager- HR
Linked Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/shubha-shree-bb861647/

Shweta Bhatkar

Company: Schbang Digital Solutions
Designation: Sr. Manager
Linked Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/shweta-bhatkar-81129540/

Shweta Pandey

Company: Techmagnate
Designation: Team Lead -HR
Linked Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/shweta-pandey-25836935/

Siddhesh Khilare

Company: Supramind Solutions
Designation: Sr. HR Executive
Linked Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/siddhesh-khilare-95171275/

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Sneha Suri

Company: S.S.UserWorks Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: HR Executive
Linked Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/sneha-suri-2a43532a/

Sonali Bawane

Company: TouchMagix
Designation: HR
Linked Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/sonali-bawane-085a1344/

Sonam Pandya

Company: VC ERP Consulting
Designation: Manager HR
Linked Linklinkedin.com/in/sonam-pandya-2564b11b

Sonika Sarin

Company: Conceptual Pictures Worldwide Pvt Ltd
Designation: HR Manager
Linked Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/sonika-sarin-57454114/

Soumia Nair

Company: Mystifly Consulting (India) Pvt Ltd
Designation: HR Business Partner
Linked Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/soumia-nair

Sowmya Reddy

Company: Aptroid Technologies
Designation: Assistant Manager – HR
Linked Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/sowmya-reddy-22964339/

Sridhar Venkatarayalu

Company: Aara Tech Pvt LTD
Designation: Head HR
Linked Linklinkedin.com/in/sridharvenkatarayalu

Sruthi Chillakuru


Company: BuzzBoard
Designation: Manager- HR Business Partner
Linked Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/sruthichillakuru

Subhadip Roy Chowdhury

Company: Japfa Comfeed India Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: MANAGER-HR & GA
Linked Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/subhadip-roy-chowdhury-b7a11149

Subir Chatterjee

Company: WorldQuant LLC
Designation: Manager Hr and operations
Linked Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/subironline/

Sudhir Kumar Soni

Company: Jakson Group
Designation: Business Manager – HR (Sr. Manager), Corporate Office
Linked Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/sudhirsoni

Suhas Ambre

Company: TheSocialStreet
Designation: Director HR
Linked Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/suhasambre/

Sumith Sumithran

Company: Fractal Analytics
Designation: Lead – Human Capital
LinkedIn Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/sumithsumithran

Sunaina Yadav

Company: Vega Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: Senior Manager, Sales, HR & Admin
LinkedIn Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/sunaina-yadav-86b4831b

Supriya Gasti Lulla

Company: DemandShore
Designation: Vice President Human Resources
LinkedIn Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/supriya-gasti-lulla-359361

Supriya Kaushik

Company: vCommission Media Private Limited
Designation: Asst. Manager HR
LinkedIn Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/supriya-kaushik-9a8a7131/

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Supriya Kumar-Kohli

Company: SHEROES
Designation: Manager – HR
LinkedIn Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/supriya-kumar-kohli-3123849/

Surbhi Bansal

Company: ​Beta Soft Systems Pvt Ltd
Designation: Manager- HR
LinkedIn Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/surbhi-bansal-232aa323

Suruchi Sinha

Company: Prodot Group
Designation: HR Manager
LinkedIn Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/suruchirajeev

Sushant Shekhar Mishra

Designation: HR Manager
LinkedIn Linklinkedin.com/in/sushant-shekhar-mishra-5a321a63

Sushma Balse

Company: ABOVE Solutions
Designation: Senior HR Executive
LinkedIn Linklinkedin.com/in/sushma-balse-0783b87

Swapna Reddy

Company: Samskriti Business Solutions
Designation: HR Manager
LinkedIn Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/swapna-reddy-7354462b/

Swati Chauhan

Company: Angara Inc.
Designation: Asst. Manager-HR
LinkedIn Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/swati-chauhan-58229217

Swati Malvankar

Company: Epoch Brand Services (India) Pvt. Ltd
Designation: HR & Admin
LinkedIn Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/swati-malvankar-01a675115/

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Swati Saini

Company: Carte Blanche Solutions
Designation: Lead HR
LinkedIn Linklinkedin.com/in/swati-saini-889220b9

Swetha Akulla

Company: UrbanPro.com
Designation: Sr. HR & Executive Assistant
LinkedIn Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/swetha-akulla-2a6571b

Syeda Zohra Jabeen

Company: Creative Technosoft Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: HR manager
LinkedIn Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/sjabeen/

Tannu Gupta

Company: Solomo Media
Designation: HR Manager
LinkedIn Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/tannugupta/

Tanu Verma

Company: Sasvat Network Private Limited
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Link:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/tanu-verma-57354b84/

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Tanushree Bhardwaj

: Evolve Brands India
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/tanushree-bhardwaj-3279ba74/

 Thrupti Hegde

Company: peel-works
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linklinkedin.com/in/thrupti-hegde-96897724

 Upashna Pradhan

Company: CarWale
Designation: Manager- HR
Linkedin Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/upashna-pradhan-69b37425

Vaishali Maheshwari

Company: PRODIGI India
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/vaishali-maheshwari-b2a17217/

 Vaishnavi Gulhane

Company: Hotelogix
Designation: Sr HR Executive
Linkedin Linkhttps://in.linkedin.com/in/vaishnavi-gulhane-b017a9108

 Vandana Dubey

Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/vandana-dubey-062360b1/

 Varsha shivlani

Company: TSD Corporation Limited
Designation: Senior HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/varsha-shivlani-a6507215/

 Vatsala Saxena

Company: Solomofy Technology Private Limited
Designation: Sr. HR Executive
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/vatsala-saxena-92827465/

 Vidita K

Company: Shrooms Creatives
Designation: HR Manager
Linkedin Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/vidita-k-b429a883/

Looking at the experience and the work done by the top HR in India; one can easily understand the reason behind their presence in the above list. Dealing with people is no child play, but these top HR in India have done an excellent job in managing them and safeguarding the organization from failure and disrepute. Today, there is an urgent need for such top HR in India to change the perception of the department that has often be sidelined as just a supporting function in an organization.

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