Performance Reviews & Appraisals, the new-age way. Simplified process for review automation.

sumHR’s performance review software enables you to run 360-degree feedback across your organization, with templates, questionnaires, forms, and more tools which will make your performance appraisals a smooth process. Get ready for better reviews and less work load on your HR team.

Appraisal Templates

Appraisal Templates

sumHR will provide you with pre-created performance review forms with our appraisal management system, which can be used off-the-shelf by you.. These templates are created using industry standards so that you don’t have to look elsewhere or download from shady sites.

360 Degree Feedback

360 Degree Feedback

sumHR lets you run performance reviews across business units, departments, and teams, at all levels in your organization. Choose when the review goes out, when it ends, who reviews whom and and in which order.

Customizable Forms &
Review Questionnaires

Customizable Questionnaires & Forms

If you’d like to create your own questionnaires and forms for the perfomance reviews, you can do that too with our HR management system! With a simple 3-step process, you can create your own customized forms with different formats and types of questions.

Review Schedules
& Instant Feedback

Review Schedules & Instant Feedback

Decide when you’d like to get reviews done, set the schedules based on your preferences and sumHR will take care of reminding the people involved about it. See instant results and reports, as soon as employees fill review forms!

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