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Payroll Software is an ideal tool for simple, effortless Payroll management. It helps organisations of all sizes and levels. This software also takes care of the complete payroll system of an organisation and automates all payroll-related processes. When you opt for smart software, you can get away with bulky files of documents and salary slips.

You get everything related to complex taxes, deductions, funds, benefits, and loans in a Payroll Software.

Payroll Management

Payroll Management, more or less, refers to the process of managing the financial records of a company’s employees. Payroll Management consists of employees details like salaries, incentives, bonuses, deductions, and net pay. An employer must keep these records as directed by the law. If an employer fails to comply with the Income Tax laws related to employee records, the employer can be subject to legal consequences.

One click Payroll Software

sumHR is one of India’s best payroll management software. Consequently, it tackles all aspects of the payroll process with unmatched simplicity.

Payroll management is a difficult process due to a large number of calculations and statutory compliances. sumHR provides an easy solution that is accurate and secure.

Payroll done in minutes!!! sumHR solves the mystery to get rid of the misery.


What does sumHR’s Payroll Software offer?

Payroll Software - Employee Salary Management

Employee Salary Management

Easily Manage Monthly Salaries & Cost to Company Probation.

Every business needs proper management of the employees without any misunderstandings. sumHR ensures proper management of the salaries of the organization.

Income Tax & Deductions

Calculate Income Tax & Deductions with a click, not a calculator.

sumHR helps you with Income Tax & Deductions calculation to save your time behind these tedious calculations.

Management needs info, you need systems. And we have it all. 
sumHR takes the burden of these complex tasks off your shoulders. We provide you with all the systems to make sure that you carry on working without any hardships.

Settling payments or recovering money, our settlement features keep it super smooth.

Calculating the Full & Final settlement can be a hectic task. sumHR helps you with these calculations thanks to our user-friendly software. Rest assured your calculations will be accurate and well defined.

If you give employees Bonuses & Loans, we’ll give you tools to track those transactions.

sumHR provides you with all the required tools to track Bonuses & Loans. Our sofware helps you track such loans & bonuses easily.

We’ll keep your ‘Labor Welfare Fund’ & ‘Profession Tax’ books in order.

We provide you with the most legally reliable payroll management service. Our sofware helps you stay up to date with all the Labour and Tax Laws.

Maintain compliance on Provident Fund & ESIC norms.

sumHR is up to date with the latest statutory requirements related to Provident Fund & ESIC norms. Our services are in line with all the legal regulations regarding the Provident Fund & ESIC norms.

What You Can Do With sumHR?


Now managing your payroll data will be easier than ever before. You can upload data at one go. You can also export them in organized spreadsheets with our free online payroll management software.


Now you can process all your FSF with a single click. Keep a track of all exited employee records and pending FSF in one place. It doesn’t get any easier than this!


Manage multiple salary structures for various levels with our payroll management system. Keep a record of all available salary structures and allot them with utmost ease. Calculate salary heads based on latest IT and Govt. compliance norms.


Setup and automate the most complex payroll procedures with ease. Just run your entire payroll process with a single click using sumHR’s payroll software. Our systems will check and identify any errors to make life much easier for you.

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