Management needs info, you need systems.
So, we give you both our powerful MIS Reports.


With a growing team, there will also be growth for employees. Increment analysis can help you decipher a lot about the growth chart your employees see. sumHR provides you with ready-made employee MIS software Reports for Increment Analysis at specified Percentage, Amount & Period.


With a lot of information in front of you, things can be quite difficult to understand, especially when dealing with MIS software style reports. sumHR provides you an easy way to compare different pieces of information using Monthly Salary Comparison & Reconciliation Charts.


Payroll process is mostly revolving around monthly cycles. Generally you’ll have a bulk of your last few calendar days blocked for preparing “registers” with payroll data. sumHR will help you get rid of that routine through Monthly Payment Summary and Salary Analysis Registers.


Month on month, as your team grows bigger and payroll operations larger, you’d need to also keep track of an important aspect in Payroll – Loan Advances! sumHR will give you easily downloadable Loan Registers with detailed information about Monthly Loan In-Flow and Out-Flow.


Employees Turnover and and Cost to Company information at different organization levels can be crucial data for HR team and top management. sumHR’s Employee Turnover and Cost to Company MIS Reports can be a great source of information for all.


sumHR gives you powerful tools to be able to track different company assets at all levels of the organization. Whether you’d like to track assets handed to sales employees like Mobile and Laptops, or assets for senior management officials like Motorbike, Car, etc. sumHR makes employee asset management easier than ever!

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