Leave Management System – Leave tracking & complex policies, made easy

Bid adieu to getting leave applications approved and tracked on emails. With sumHR’s Leave Management System you get the flexibility to create and manage leave policies, track employee leaves, decide application workflows, and more.


With extensive options and greater flexibility you can create and manage complex leave policies with ease. You can customize your leave policy rules regarding pro-rating balances, accrual calculations, half-day permissions, carrying over yearly unused leaves, applying for previous dates, clubbing of leaves, over utilization and more.


You and your employees can effortlessly track past leave history and check current leave balances in a jiffy. The leaves page will also display all previous leave applications and their associated conversations under them. Employees will no longer have to bother you or your HR team regarding their leave balances.


sumHR automatically prepares an extensive set of Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about every leave policy, and displays them on each employee’s leaves page. Employees can simply click-over to the policy and find the answers to their questions, themselves. Save hours of valuable time you would have spent explaining company leave policies.


We provide a pre-defined list of public holidays for the year. You can simply click-n-choose the ones you’d like to implement in your organization. That’s it! You don’t have to worry about figuring out holiday lists every year, and making company announcements about them.


Moving over your leave tracking to sumHR is a cinch. Whether you’re using a formula filled leave tracker speadsheet or any other HR software, you can import all your existing leaves data into sumHR using. CSV files. We hate manual data entry work, as much as you would!

Online Leave Management System – You need the
‘right’ one!

An ideal Leave Management System should offer complete, end-to-end solution when it comes to employee leave management and policies. It should allow you to, not just monitor and track leaves as an employer, but also seamlessly set leave policies in place. You will also find an integration of this with the Public/National or Company specific dates declared as holidays by your organisation.

Other aspect is transparency in allowing the employees to check for their leave history, balance leaves etc. Your employees can check their past leave applications and also access any specific conversations they had with regards to the same. As a manager, you need not be bothered by queries with regards to leave balances etc. from employees… nor worry about disputes 🙂

As an employer or manager, you should be able to set the leave policies, make changes to the pro-rata balance rules, check and set guidelines for accrued leaves, clubbing of leaves etc.; all in a jiffy.

What’s more, with our Leave Management System, you can even set FAQs for the leave policies with answers, without typing a single word. Our software will auto-generate the answers to the most frequent queries and show it on the employee’s dashboard. This will help you save a lot of time in explaining things to various employees every time.

sumHR’s Leave Management System allows for all of that and more. You can try it for FREE, right here.

PS: Moving over to sumHR is a breeze. Simply import all your data in a .csv file and you are done!

Throw spreadsheets, files, pens, and emails away. The comprehensive HR software is here!

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