It all began in 2013 in the bustling city of Mumbai, where our small but ambitious team got together to set on a mission, “To rid the HR world of everything complex, unscalable, and un-cool.”

HR has been neglected for too long. It’s time we change the way people look at Human Resource

So what if the code is very complex. Life should be easy and enjoyable for every user. Close your eyes, click, done!

Love at first signup – that’s how we will make customers feel. Always focused to give them happiness and delight!


Build for simplicity

Sell with honesty

Serve on priority

Care for customers

Work with ownership

Think beyond tomorrow

sumHR is a modern, delightful, and extremely easy to use Human Resource Management Software that helps startups and SMEs streamline their HR & payroll processes.

We are on a mission to change the way companies look at Human Resource Management. We want to make the lives of HR professionals easier and happier by automating processes and eliminating the error-prone, highly unreliable spreadsheets. We don’t want to bother our customers with expensive license fees, installation nightmares, or setup and training ordeals.

Using the experience and knowledge of new-age HR practitioners, we’re creating a modern cloud-based HR software that will reduce paper work, increase productivity and give everyone time to concentrate on real work.

sumHR, an HR Software which keeps everyone in the organization informed, involved, and happy.


What’s the secret to build a worldclass product? A team that is almost fanatic and obsessed with it’s mission.

Our team is full of individuals who love what they do. If you are passionate, fun-loving, and looking to be a part of something that’s going to change the HR world, find out if you “Fit The Bill”.

Throw spreadsheets, files, pens, and emails away. The comprehensive HR software is here!

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